Art Out in Chippendale; Self-Guided Tour


Suggested route below (but start anywhere or in either direction) featuring galleries, street art, cafes & bars

Peach Black Chippendale Gallery Sydney Art Out Live Cure Opening December 2020 12

Peach Black


Curated by founder Matteo Bernasconi, Matteo’s exhibitions ‘The Cure’ & ‘The Homo Sapiens’ (Virtual Tours) have focused on the theme of touch, while ‘The Peach Black Life Drawing Club’ (Virtual Tour) exhibition showcased the highlights from Matteo’s students. Oli&J Jewellery and Matteo’s studio are also on site 

Chippen Lane Chippendale 23 October 2020 Street Art Sydney Art Out Live

Chippen Lane Art


Astride the Lord Gladstone, Chippendale Artist and 2020 Archibald Finalist Scottie Marsh’s latest highlights the ‘Check, Check, Check’ campaign encouraging safe venue practices and promoting patronage amidst COVID-19. The wall changed three times in 2020 with contributions from both Marsh & Love Is A Sign (Virtual Tours) and is also the site of Marsh’s famous ‘Egg Boy’ mural. On the opposite wall Marsh’s ‘Merry Crisis’ mural depicting Scott Morrison in Hawaii was also a fixture (Virtual Tour)

Lord Gladstone Hotel Chippendale Cafes Bars Sydney Art Out Live

Lord Gladstone Hotel

Featuring murals from Fintan Magee and Scottie Marsh’s Biggie Smalls towering above all, beloved Chippendale watering hole the Lord Gladstone (‘Gladdy’) includes Goodspace Gallery upstairs hosting exhibitions, gigs and weekly life drawing classes. If you’re a Union fan it’s one of the best stops in Sydney and the tacos are a favourite (Virtual Tour)

Nanda Hobbs Chippendale September 2020 (8) Gallery Sydney Art Out Live


Nanda/Hobbs host regular exhibitions; among the latest highlighting Redfern Artist Blak Douglas with the ‘Myth’ & ‘Spring’ exhibitions showcasing a host of creatives (Virtual Tour)

Make sure to pop out back for Melbourne Artist Adnate’s and Luxembourg-based Eric Mangen’s gorgeous mural (Virtual Tour)

Sneaky Possum Chippendale (5) Cafes Bars Sydney Art Out Live

Sneaky Possum

Sneaky Possum’s exterior features murals via Blends, Fintan Magee & an ibis-heavy piece via Chippendale’s Scottie Marsh (Virtual Tour) whose Danny Lim mural (Virtual Tour) sits adjacent to Cafe Giulia (Virtual Tour) on the adjacent block. Marsh offered prizes to the first few visitors to snap a pic of the Mural with an actual Bin Chicken

Inside, Sneaky Possum hosts much fauna-themed art from among others Blends, Kirsty Neilson & Caitlin Chan. Pop in and say hi to Ryan, Telulah & Phil – there’s seltzer on tap, regular pool, weekly poker tournaments + comedy & gigs upstairs! (Virtual Tour)


something for jess Chippendale (1) Cafes Bars Sydney Art Out Live

something for jess

A Chippendale staple, something for jess feature revolving exhibitions from local artists every 4-8 weeks. Claire Rowe & Byron Boehm have showcased among the latest (Virtual Tours); when you’re in go for the fritters!


Galerie pompom Chippendale Gallery Sydney Art Out Live

Galerie pompom

Featuring revolving exhibitions and multimedia installations from Sydney artists the breakout spaces at Galerie pompom often permit more than a few exhibitions at any given time (Virtual Tour)


Central Park Chippendale Landmarks Sydney Art Out Live Gillie and Marc 13 October 2020 (6)

Central Park

Always home to new installations, visit art from Gillie & Marc, Sophi Odling, Cobre, Mulga the Artist & Krimsome (Virtual Tour). Check out art in Anita Gelato (Virtual Tour) Spice Alley with more from Scottie Marsh (Virtual Tour), Handpicked Cellar Door (Virtual Tour), Brews Brothers (Virtual Tour) & of course the Japan Foundation is on Level Six with a dedicated Gallery and Library (Virtual Tour)


Wellington Street Chippendale Street Art Sydney Art Out Live

Wellington Street Art

Scottie Marsh’s response to Alan Jones’ comments on New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern + Blends April 2017 collaboration with Rhys John Kaye (Virtual Tour). Blends is a Sydney-based Artist focused on Illustration, Fashion Design, Murals, Typography and Graphic Design


Canteen Gallery Chippendale Sydney Art Out Live December 2020 Spinefoot Kaspar Kagi


Chippendale’s tucked-away gem in the old flour mill hosts several artist studios and lately exhibitions from Kaspar Kagi (‘Spinefoot’ [Virtual Tour]) and ‘One Off’ featuring Serwah Attafuah, Ryan Hancock, Rosemary Lee, Thomas Whelan & Christopher Zanko where Canteen founder Alex Latham invited artists to contribute pieces divorced from their typical practice (Virtual Tour)

And see here for info on all Chippendale’s Galleries, Street Art & Cafes/Bars!