Wellington Street Art, Chippendale

Wellington Street, Chippendale – Street Art, Sydney – Artist; Scottie Marsh, Blends, Rhys John Kaye


Chippendale Artist Scottie Marsh’s response to Alan Jones’ comments on New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was completed in August 2019. Blends and Rhys John Kaye’s adjacent work was completed in April 2017. Blends is a Sydney-based Artist focused on Illustration, Fashion Design, Murals, Typography and Graphic Design

Near Blends on Teggs Lane & Meagher Street, Scottie Marsh on Chippen LaneMeagher Street, Grafton StreetTeggs LaneKnox StreetRose Street, Balfour StreetGrafton Lane

Wellington Street Chippendale Street Art Sydney Art Out Live January 2021 Blends Rhys John Kaye

Blends, Rhys John Kaye – April 2017