Chippen Lane Art, Chippendale


Moussa – April 2021


Moussa – February 2021


Scottie Marsh – 23 October 2020


Love Is A Sign & Scottie Marsh – August 2020


Scottie Marsh – June 2020

Chippen Lane, Chippendale – Street Art, Sydney – Artists; Scottie Marsh, Love is a Sign, Moussa


Astride the Lord Gladstone with Goodspace Gallery upstairs sits the bar’s tribute to MF Doom, his role in conscious 90’s hip hop and significance in the Black Power movement. Completed by Sydney-based Artist Moussa in February 2021 with a combination of spray, hand brush and lettering, the typeface is based on the Born Like This album sleeve. Producing works on walls and else in Sydney and surrounds via hand drawing, painting and calligraphy with a further addition to the wall in April 2021, Moussa, or Jason C. Moses, who began drawing TV cartoon characters, was later inspired by album covers, comics and the New York City graffiti scene

Chippendale Artist and 2020 Archibald Finalist Scottie Marsh’s  ‘Check, Check, Check’ Mural highlighted the campaign encouraging safe venue practices and promoting patronage amidst COVID-19. The wall changed three times in 2020 with contributions from both Marsh & Love Is A Sign and is also the site of Marsh’s famous ‘Egg Boy’ mural. On the opposite wall Marsh’s ‘Merry Crisis’ mural depicting Scott Morrison in Hawaii was also a fixture

Near Scottie Marsh on Meagher Street, Grafton Street, Teggs Lane & Wellington Street