Art Out in Newtown (North); Self-Guided Tour


Suggested route below (but start anywhere or in either direction) featuring Galleries, Street Art, Cafes & Bars

1989 Arcade Bar Newtown Cafes Bars Sydney Art Out Live (2)

1989 Arcade Bar


A Street Fighter 2 World Champion practices here – 1989 Arcade Bar has one of the best collections of dark beer in Sydney with packed arcade machines and retro Art on every level (Virtual Tour) & Kerrie Lowe Gallery is right across the road (Virtual Tour)

Eden and the Willow Newtown Galleries November 2020 Hanna Kay Shifting Horizons (9) Sydney Art Out Live

Eden and the Willow


Eden and the Willow took its name from the former on-site beauty clinic; now “focusing on the inner beauty.” A new Newtown Gallery curated by Founder Ivan Buljan, the Gallery hosts performances and talks with ‘Shifting Horizons’ & ‘Awakening’ so far the major exhibitions to date (Virtual Tour)

Church Street (North) Newtown Street Art Sydney Art Out Live

Church Street Art


Prolific Muralist Fintan Magee’s ‘Flood emergency supply drop’ was completed in 2013 (Virtual Tour) with yet another work featured further down Church Street (Virtual Tour)

Lennox Street (West) Newtown Street Art Sydney Art Out Live

Lennox Street Art


‘Promise’ (2016) & “Women’s Honour” (2019) by Ox King & Brad Robson respectively are a part of the Inner West Council’s Edge Art project. Ox King’s subject Eliza Emily Donnithorne is said to have inspired Dickens’ Mrs Havisham while Robson’s work was inspired by the 2019 Women’s Honour Roll (Virtual Tour); head around the corner for Alex Lehours ‘The Devine Within’

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park (North) Street Art Sydney Art Out Live

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park


Ox King’s Mural is a part of the Inner West Council’s Edge Art project (Virtual Tour) with more Murals skirting the Newtown Festival home (Virtual Tour)

212 Blu Newtown Cafes Bars Sydney Art Out Live

212 Blu


Coffee specialists, 212 Blu features illustrations by Daniel Steele Jon Aldridge completed in July 2020 (Virtual Tour). If you’re feeling a beer Sydney Illustrator and Photographer Scotty Williams’ ‘Going Nowhere’ Mural acknowledging Cadigal Country sits astride the Courthouse ‘Courty’ Hotel just next door (Virtual Tour) with the other half of the work just over on Eliza Street, Newtown (Virtual Tour)

King Street (North) Newtown Street Art Sydney Art Out Live

King Street


Juilee Pryor and Andrew Aiken’s iconic ‘I Have A Dream’ Newtown Mural was completed over a weekend in August 1991. You can also find one of Captain Earwax’ recognisable abstract portraitures at this juncture (Virtual Tour)

If you’re feeling like a copy swing over to Beantown en route to the next stop and check out their 3D house Mural!

Whateley Lane Newtown Street Art Sydney Art Out Live

Whateley Lane


One of Newtown’s two most iconic murals, the other situated right across the road, Whateley Lane’s Africa rendering has gone through numerous iterations accomodating geographic changes (Virtual Tour). It sits astride the Newtown Mission

Wilson Street Newtown Street Art Sydney Chippendale Live

Wilson Lane


The Wilson Lane Car Park mural is as large as any building on King Street and tucked a block away from Newtown’s busiest corner (Virtual Tour)

Rising Sun Workshop Newtown Cafes Bars Sydney Art Out Live (2)

Rising Sun Workshop


Good for a signature ramen, coffee or to fix your bike, Rising Sun Workshop features regular exhibitions and when COVID-19 hit, instead of cancelling Christopher Pearce’s show Rising Sun blew up the Art and featured it all along it’s facade for all to see (Virtual Tour)