Phillip Lane (North) Art, Newtown

Phillip Lane, Newtown – Street Art, Sydney – Artist; Reubszz


Artist Reubszz, who uses a combination of acrylic and spraypaint on large surfaces, completed his Ice Cube Mural in May 2018. The Sydney-based Artist, born in Aoeteroa, paints murals throughout the city; not least one of the most frequented Art alleys in Sydney. Reubszz works can also be found on Phillip Lane (South)

Near Iredale Street, Enmore Road (East), Bailey Street (North), Goddard Street (East), Goddard Street (West), Bailey Street (East), Bailey Street (South), Holt Street (West), Station Lane (South), Station Lane (North), Station Street (South), Wilford Street, Wilford Lane, Thurnby Lane

Near 1989 Arcade Bar, Lentil As Anything, Rising Sun Workshop, Eden and the Willow, 212 Blu, Barmuda, Flour Drum, Soul Brew, The Front Room, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Mary’s Newtown, Black Star Pastry, Beantown Cafe, Newtown Mission, Carlisle Castle Hotel, Either Or, Brewtown, One Another, Satellite, Hollis Park Cafe, Cuckoo Callay, Mary’s Newtown, Cafe Newtown, Hakiki, Macelleria, Cairo Takeaway, Hartsyard, Parliament on King, The End of King, South End Cafe, The Wolf & Honeybee

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