Remine is a Newcastle-born now Sydney-based Painter, Print Maker, Muralist and Photographer

Remine, inspired by Pop Art, 1980’s New York Art, Picasso, Dali and more, subsidised her studies by making and selling mosaics and decorative mirrors; later developing Murals and engaging in photography throughout Brisbane and now Sydney

Remine completed her King Street, Newtown Mural for the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts in 2018. Remine’s ‘Self-Portrait’ Mural sits on the edge of Newtown over on Edgeware Road

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Newtown; Artist - Remine, near Wolf & Honeybee, Coffee Alchemy, West Juliett, Rolling Penny, Khamsa Cafe, Petty Cash Cafe…

Newtown; Artist - Remine, near Either Or, Lentil As Anything, Mary's Newtown, 212 Blu, Pasha's, Ferah Cafe, Botany View Hotel, Rolling Penny…