Art Out in Redfern (North); Self-Guided Tour


Suggested route below (but start anywhere or in either direction) featuring Galleries, Street Art, Cafes & Bars

Wild Flour Redfern (9) Cafes Bars Art Out Walk October 2020 Sydney Art Out Live

Wild Flour


Host to Frida Kahlo-themed Art and works from South African-born now Sydney-based Artist Doug Wainer, you’ll smell Wild Flour baking their own bread before you’re in the doors. Here’s Yumi showing us around on an Art Out Walk; head on in for a High Tea and say hi to co-owners Lauren and Yumi (Virtual Tour)

Evans Lane Redfern Street Art Sydney Art Out Live

Evans Lane


There’s a host of Art in Evans Lane including Apeseven’s (George Hambov’s) ‘Displacement.’ Apeseven, whose work is featured across Sydney, the US and Europe, uses a combination of freehand spray and acrylic brush to depict animals and emphasise the geometry of skeletal structures. Completed in April 2017 (Virtual Tour), you can find Apeseven’s ‘Red Bellied’ a few blocks over in Chippendale. In Evans Lane you can also find Visual Artist and Muralist Boris Biberdzic’s ‘Crikey!’ A tribute to Steve Irwin and his passion for wildlife completed in January 2019, Boris got the gig on Apeseven’s recommendation with both works facilitated by the building’s managers Vandal (Virtual Tour)

Hudson Street Redfern Street Art Sydney Art Out Live Aley Wild Mural

Hudson Street


Visual Artist Aley Wild completed her first Mural on Vandal’s wall in December 2020. Completed over a week, the work is based on Aley’s “ideal emotional support animal” and the themes of surrender and awareness – check out our full chat with Aley (Virtual Tour)

And if you’re up for a coffee en route to the next stop Henry Lee’s (Virtual Tour) features Redfern Artist Gemma O’Brien’s Mural scaling the whole cafe and former Leather Goods Mill alongside one of Aley’s latest pieces!

Curatorial and Co Redfern Gallery Sydney Art Out Live (9)

Curatorial + Co


Curatorial + Co was established by Curator Sophie Vander in September 2019 on the corner of Redfern. Playing host to Melbourne Artist Lilli Waters’ ‘Disenchantments of the World’ in addition to revolving Gallery Exhibitions, in 2021 Curatorial + Co features an ‘Deliquescent Light;’ an Exhibition showcasing Daniel O’Toole, a Muralist whose works can be found throughout Sydney (Virtual Tour)

And pop just around the corner for Sid Tapia’s Greg Inglis Mural, Michael Black’s Woodburn Creatives piece and Guido van Helten’s tribute to the Aboriginal Legal Service

Vandal Redfern Gallery Sydney Art Out Live (9) Art Out Walk to Wild Hearts Exhibition 13 November 2020



Media and Visual Effects Agency Vandal host their own Gallery which in 2020 showcased Wild Hearts by KRVNM; Curated by Ladyj and showcasing 45 Artists including Silly Pear and Sindy Sinn. Intended to launch in March 2020, the Exhibition went online and ran throughout the year – here’s one of our visits on an Art Out Walk (Virtual Tour) + check out Crisp’s Lion Mural on the way in!

The Block and Redfern Community Centre Redfern Sydney Art Out Live

The Block


The Block in Redfern is a site of great significance and importance for the Indigenous community and the site of the Redfern Community Centre. Our Virtual Tour depicts the location’s Artworks and site at a time when the major residential development, which is now at a later stage of completion, had not so progressed (Virtual Tour) with further Murals just over on Louis Street (Virtual Tour)

Ivy Lane Redfern Street Art Sydney Art Out Live

Ivy Lane (Redfern Corner)


Former resident and Artist Richard Graham painted this Mural on his then home on the very edge of Redfern, and Redfern Corner was born (Virtual Tour)

Duckrabbit Redfern Gallery Sydney Art Out Walk September 2020 Art Out Live (1)



Founded by Curator and Artist Hugh Ramage, the Redfern staple, now in its third decade, hosts revolving Exhibitions including Ramage’s own ‘Race To The Bottom’ which re-opened the Gallery in September 2020 following a COVID-hiatus. In October 2020 ‘Duckrabbit’ hosted ‘Timeless;’ Curated by Richard Graham and focused on “showcasing the power of ancient stories during COVID-19.” Highlighting several Indigenous Artists, check out our chat with contributor Phil Sheppard (Virtual Tour)

Redfern Station Redfern Street Art Sydney (2) Art Out Live

Redfern Station


Redfern Station’s Artworks, which span the length of the bridge covering the rail lines, were produced as a Tribes Project by The NSW Users and Aids Association (NUAA) utilising the talents of 8 Artists (Virtual Tour)

The Dock Redfern Cafes Bars Sydney Art Out Live

The Dock


The Dock’s Mural of owners Tom & Daniel was produced by regular and Sydney Artist Jeremy Eden. Stop in for a beer; they’ve got dumplings going now and Mondays is sea shanty night! (Virtual Tour)