Hailing from Mexico and now residing in Sydney, Peque generates Murals and Illustrations throughout Sydney and Sydney’s Inner West

You can find Peque’s 2017 Newtown piece on Dickson Street and a 2015 work on Trafalgar Street, Enmore depicting Freddie Mercury and the cast of ‘The African Queen’

In 2015 Peque also completed ‘La Seranata’ on Edgeware Road, Enmore which pays tribute to Mexican maestros such as landscape Artist Jose Maria Velasco, Illustrator Jesus Hel-guera and printmaker Jose Guedalupe Posada

You can find works via Peque on our Enmore Self-Guided Walking Tour – see here for more Enmore sitesEnmore Street Art

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Enmore; Artist - Peque, near Queen Chow, Saga, Duke of Enmore, Cow & Moon, Hopsters, Jacoby's Tiki Bar, Arepa, Shenkin, Hideaway Bar…

Enmore; Artist - Peque, near Emma's Snack Bar, Duke of Enmore, Saga, Hakiki, Queen Chow, Colombo Social, Hopsters, Jacoby's Tiki Bar, Cow & The Moon…

Newtown; Artist - Peque, near Rolling Penny, The End of King, Parliament on King, South End Cafe, Khamsa Cafe, Flour Drum, Either Or, Chill Cafe…