Sharon Billinge


Sydney Artist Sharon Billinge focuses their work on large-scale Murals that bring people together and strengthen communities

You can find Sharon Billinge’s 2017 Mural on Margaret Street “inspired by the strong spirited local historical figure of Mary Reibey” which was commissioned as part of Sydney’s Inner West Council Perfect Match Program. On Codrington Street, Darlington you can find her 2021 Mural of Auntie Beryl van Oploo released to coincide with International Women’s Day

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Darlington; Artist - Sharon Billinge - near Eatz on Abercrombie, Henry Lee's, Carriageworks, Duckrabbit, The Dock, Terra Cotta Roasters…

Newtown; Artist - Sharon Billinge, near Rolling Penny, Lentil As Anything, Either Or, Khamsa Cafe, The Front Room, South End Cafe, The End of King, Flour Drum…