Nadia Hernandez


Hailing from Merida, Venezuela, Sydney-based Visual Artist’s Nadia Hernandez work is informed by the political climate in Venezuela and her diasporic experience as a Venezuelan woman articulated through painting, Murals, installations, sculpture and more

You can find Nadia Hernandez’ large-scale Murals on Alice Lane, Newtown and adorning the walls of Cafe Freda’s, Darlinghurst

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Darlinghurst; Nadia Hernandez Art - near Darlo Bar, Brick Lane, COMA Gallery, Liverpool Street Gallery, The Rusty Rabbit, Bloodhound Espresso…

Newtown; Artist - Nadia Hernandez, near Belljar Coffee, Flour Drum, Shishabella, Arabella, Either Or, Chill Cafe, Rolling Penny, Parliament on King, South End Cafe…