Wilson Street Art, Darlington

Wilson Street, Darlington – Street Art, Sydney – Artist; Danny Eastwood


 Danny Eastwood, a Ngemba Kamilaroi Artist based in Western Sydney and recipient of the 2008 NSW Parliament Indigenous Art Prize, produces Indigenous Art, Murals, Sculpture, Ceramics, Cartoons and Printing. This work was completed in Darlington in December 2020

Near Sheffer Gallery, Cafe Ella, Eatz on Abercrombie, Wild Flour, The Dock, the milkbar by Cafeish, Moya’s Juniper Lounge, The Shortlist, Cafe Abercrombie, Buon Gusto, Pride of Redfern, Chapter Five Espresso, Terra Cotta Roasters

Wilson Street Darlington Street Art Sydney Art Out Live (1) James Danny Eastwood

Danny Eastwood Mural – Darlington, Sydney – December 2020