Evans Lane Art, Redfern

Evans Lane, Redfern – Street Art, Sydney – Artists; Apeseven, Boris Biberdzic


There’s a host of Art in Evans Lane including Apeseven’s (George Hambov’s) ‘Displacement.’ Apeseven, whose work is featured across Sydney, the US and Europe, uses a combination of freehand spray and acrylic brush to depict animals and emphasise the geometry of skeletal structures. Completed in April 2017, you can find Apeseven’s ‘Red Bellied’ a few blocks over in Chippendale and ‘Prog 2210’ in Surry Hills. In Evans Lane you can also find Visual Artist and Muralist Boris Biberdzic’s ‘Crikey!’ A tribute to Steve Irwin and his passion for wildlife completed in January 2019, Boris got the gig on Apeseven’s recommendation with both works, as well as Aley Wild‘s Mural in the adjacent Hudson Street, facilitated by the building’s managers Vandal

Near Sid Tapia and Michael Black on Woodburn StreetSophi Odling & Kim Siew on Cope Street (West)Fintan Magee on Marriott Street, Danny Eastwood on Renwick Street, Scottie Marsh on Redfern Street