Daisy Knight


Artist Daisy Knight’s Newtown, Inner West Sydney Murals celebrate monsters, weirdness and remind us to have fun and enjoy what makes us unique

You can find Daisy Knight’s 2019 works ‘Greetings from the Monster Friends,’ commissioned by the Inner West Council as part of the Perfect Match program and completed over 2 weeks, on Bedford Street, Newtown and the adjoining Melville Lane, Newtown

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Newtown; Artist - Daisy Knight, near Cafe Newtown, Cuckoo Callay, Dendy Newtown, Mary's Newtown, 212 Blue, Barmuda, Black Star Pastry, Anna's Pizzeria…

Newtown; Artist - Daisy Knight, near Hartsyard, Barmuda, Black Star Pastry, 212 Blue, Continental Deli Bar, Soul Brew, Anna's Pizzeria, Mary's Newtown…