the milkbar by Cafeish, Redfern

the milkbar by Cafeish, Redfern – Cafes/Bars, Sydney

Near Tin Humpy, Hunter’s Corner, 107 Projects, Duckrabbit, Curatorial + Co, Quirk’s Cafe, The Dock, the milkbar by Cafeish, Moya’s Juniper Lounge, Wild Flour, Rogue Pop-Up Gallery, Nussinov Gallery, Vandal, Urban Piccolo, Sabbia Gallery, Norfolk Hotel, The Block, Reconciliation Park, Three Williams, Coffee Tea & Me, Baffi & Mo Espresso, Breadfern Bakery, Scout’s Honour, BART Jr, Misfits, La Coppola, Noble Hops, Ron’s Upstairs, Arcadia, Bloc145