Amok Island


Amok Island, born in Amsterdam and based in Perth, draws inspiration from naturalists’ scientific illustrations and technical drawings used for identification purposes; producing naturalistic plant and animal-centric works

Amok Island’s large-scale, towering Murals can be found in a cluster in Surry Hills including on Lacey Street which is very close to a 2017 Amok Island piece over on Little Collins Street

Sophia Street’s ‘Koala,’ commissioned by Canva in December 2019, is Amok Island’s response to witnessing the fire season’s effects on wildlife en route to Sydney from Perth; urging donations to the Rural Fire Service and for Australian politicians to take immediate action on climate change

Amok Island’s works can be found on our Surry Hills Self-Guided Walking Tour – see here for more Surry Hills sites and Surry Hills Street Art

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Surry Hills; Artist - Amok Island, near Four Ate Five, The Winery, Triple Shot, Kawa, Rebels N' Misfits, Paddock, El Divino, The Wanderer…

Surry Hills; Artist - Amok Island, near Yulli's, Cuckoo Callay, Bad Mama, Nour, Messina, The Horse, Dolphin Hotel, The Clock, Toko Sydney, Rustic Pearl…

Surry Hills; Artist - Amok Island, near Canva, Kawa, Rebels N Misfits, Four Ate Five, Triple Shot, Brew Berry Cafe, M2 Gallery, Paddock…