Loop cafe, Glebe

Loop Cafe, Glebe – Cafes/Bars, Sydney


On the edge of Glebe and Glebe Point Road, Loop Cafe bears experimental Art littering the walls – don’t forget to go upstairs for the painted works or enjoy the abstract, wireframe and animal-themed pieces downstairs!

Near Kelly Wallwork on Derwent Street and Hereford Street, Railway Street, Bridge Road, Cowper Street, Glebe Point Road, Colbourne Avenue, Campbell Lane (West), Wentworth Park Road, Campbell Street, Burton Street, Mitchell Street (West), Glebe Street, Francis Street, Mitchell Street (East), Fintan Magee on Derwent Lane, Wentworth StreetFranklyn StreetBroughton StreetGrose Street, Elsie WalkSt Johns Road, Glebe Lane, Mitchell Street (North), Glebe Street Playground, Broughton Lane, Campbell Lane (East)

Near Badde Manors, Lillipad Cafe, Loop cafe, Sappho Books Cafe & Bar, Wedge Espresso, Chunoma109 Cafe, Oh My Days, Broadway Sydney, Friend in Hand Hotel, Lina’s Cafe, Gleebooks, Flying Fajita Sisters, Tommy’s Beer Cafe, Different Drummer, Timbah, Ombretta, Tree House Cafe

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