Goodspace Chippendale Gallery Sydney Art Out Live January 2021 1 Neva Hosking

Neva Hosking – 2021 – Goodspace, Chippendale

“I just wanted them to show things that they’d been working on last year that they didn’t get to exhibit because there weren’t any shows really happening.”

Chippendale’s beloved Goodspace Gallery has reopened atop the Lord Gladstone Hotel and now hosting new Exhibitions every week with the Gallery, curated by Goodspace’s Drtia Ajredin, tripling opening hours to meet demand.

“We’ve just re-opened the Gallery this week for the first time this year, we’ve been closed since March,” said Drita, who curated 2021’s first Goodspace show featuring 22 Artists. “I kind of gave them the freedom to do whatever they wanted; a lot of Artists have been holding on to work waiting to show it somewhere so I wanted to give them the opportunity to show it here.

“A lot of people went into different mediums that they weren’t doing before – it’s fun for their audiences to see that in a Gallery space in person.”

Goodspace Chippendale Gallery Sydney Art Out Live January 2021 7 Samuel Beatty

Samuel Beatty – Vessel – Goodspace, Chippendale

With an emphasis on textile amidst other forms, among the crop of Artists Isabella Brown, traditionally a photographer, submitted a knitting piece while Rachel Vosila contributed one of the ‘Good To Be Back’ Exhibition’s larger works; a cylindrical sculpture simply titled ‘Bricks and Mortar.’ Studio Shu’s ‘Cultural Production on Stolen Land – a personal acknowledgement’ documented and reflected on inner-Sydney city’s terraces and their immediate surrounds.

“I just wanted it to be a welcome back to a lot of the regulars in the community,” said Drita. “A lot of people in the show have exhibited before or were Artists who came here every other week to see other peoples’ work.

“Keeping tabs on 22 different people is a lot but everyone was really good and it all came together really well so I’m really pleased with it.”

Supported by the Lord Gladstone which also facilitates gigs, comedy and Tuesday life drawing classes in the forum, Goodspace are now regularly featuring Exhibitions and Artists who had their shows cancelled in 2020 and, having used the time to work on new projects, are full steam ahead at Goodspace. The Gallery, turning six this year, are too now open Monday through Wednesday; shelving the traditional mid-week single day shows in order to maximise capacity.

Goodspace Chippendale Gallery Sydney Art Out Live January 2021 13 Brian Luu

Brian Luu – Ban the Single Use Trolley Zine – Goodspace, Chippendale

Playing host to emerging local Artists’ first solo shows, since the opening 2021 run Goodspace has propelled Exhibitions centred on zines and photography, among else, and are open for submissions from Artists whether they are starting out or have otherwise exhibited before and now keen to show something new.

“I love it,” concluded Drita. “I’ve been coming here for quite a few years and have been in some shows myself so it’s nice to be a bigger part of it now”

See here for more information on Goodspace, Virtual Tour and details on submissions

Goodspace Chippendale Gallery Sydney Art Out Live January 2021 22 Isabelle Brown

Isabella Brown – Body – Goodspace, Chippendale

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