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Wild Hearts by KRVNM (March – October 2020) – Curated by Ladyj
Artists; Amanda Baby Pie ~ Art by Emel ~ Art Ho Bayly ~ Barbara Dias ~ Beatrice Mcbride ~ BK DIECI ~ Blair Sayer ~ Brentos ~ Bryony Hudson ~ Caiom ~ Carl Ahearn ~ Caspian de looze ~ Chris Parra ~ Creatur ~ Creon ~ Deanist ~ Edbert Wahjudi ~ GABFZ ~ Goya Torres ~ Heavy Mental ~ InkHunter ~ Jaimee Paul ~ Jeremy Jones Lightfoot ~ Jodee Knowles ~ Ladyj wüllf ~ Lauren Metzler ~ Luke Barker ~ M-lon ~ Matt Heath ~ Mr Edwards ~ Naomi Chilcott  ~ Nic Bazzar ~ Palma ~ Phil Bayly ~ Raymond Tuifao Lalotoa ~ Rochelle Buckley ~ Saskia Malwina ~ Sam Rowlands ~ Silly Pear ~ Simon McLean ~ Sindy Sinn ~ Skel ~ Sofia Fitzpatrick ~ Winart ~ Voodoo Christmas


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Vandal Redfern Gallery Sydney Art Out Live (8) Wild Hearts Courtesy of Vandal

Provided courtesy of Vandal

Vandal Redfern Gallery Sydney Art Out Live (7) Wild Hearts Courtesy of Vandal

Provided courtesy of Vandal

Via Wild Hearts

During the height of COVID-19 restrictions, late March 2020 on a Friday afternoon, VANDAL hosted the opening art exhibition of ‘WILD HEARTS’ by KRVNM. It was attended by thousands of people.

But the gallery was empty. Not a soul in sight.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, months of hard work were hanging in the balance: 45 artists displaying 60 artworks curated by well-known Sydney artist Lady J Wüllf. The exhibition was to be a highlight of the annual City of Sydney’s Art Month and the Art by Night Redfern Precinct events.

With VANDAL not able to continue with a physical exhibition opening, we invited the city’s creatives, artists, illustrators, filmmakers and public to join by means of a Virtual Art Exhibition and live exhibition feed via VANDAL’s Instagram channel.

As thousands of people joined the Virtual Art Exhibition, the live feed allowed participants to interact with the hosts and each other by means of commentary and requests as well as purchasing of the artworks.

A bespoke Wild Hearts Augmented Reality Instagram selfie filter created for the exhibition immediately spiked and has since seen 5,000 and counting social media impressions. Seven artworks sold on the night. Not bad for an exhibition where no one attended. With the virtual exhibition still running, artworks continue to sell on a weekly basis.

As a media-independent creative and production studio, VANDAL will continue to support creativity, art, culture, and commercial production by means of digital, remote and virtual practices.

VANDAL Gallery is our commitment to showcase and support creativity, marking groundbreaking collaborations with artists, creatives, designers, illustrators, technologists, filmmakers, photographers and musicians… fast becoming Sydney’s most mooted art gallery.

With a passion to bridge the gap between art, advertising, digital media, content and culture, VANDAL believes that in these weird ol’ times, us in the advertising community, need creativity to excel more than ever.